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How Philanthropic

Introduction to the Project


We at ConstellationCenter have a vision—to build not just a building, but a place that supports the community at large.  We believe that supporting the arts creates a domino effect of support for the greater community.   This is the new standard of philanthropy—establishing a self-sustaining center that dedicates itself to new technologies and to artistic values.   In doing so, ConstellationCenter will improve the quality of life for the residents of the Metro-Boston area by helping artists, cultural organizations, educational institutions and other area businesses thrive.

Quality of life
We have conducted a survey of over 2600 audience members and have used this knowledge as a basis for selecting our location, designing our facility, and building an operating plan that would eliminate all of these barriers.    In doing so, we will help promote a vibrant arts scene and improve the quality of life for the metro-Boston area.  

Cultural organizations
ConstellationCenter will help arts organizations thrive.   By offering multiple spaces at various sizes, ConstellationCenter will establish a system whereby organizations could come into an optimal showcase venue at an appropriate level, and grow into larger rooms as they build their audiences, thus increasing their earned income to fiscally and financially strong and sustainable levels. 

Performance quality depends on many intangible, even delicate things.  ConstellationCenter provides amenities that help artists achieve their highest level.  These amenities include superior acoustics, a comfortable back-of-house environment, and versatile stage designs.  Performers often say they feel that just getting through a performance is good enough; at ConstellationCenter, we aim to trigger the desire to excel. 

In conducting extensive research in the areas of acoustics and architecture, ConstellationCenter has become a leader in the area of scientific research and the arts.  The AcousticsLab provides a tool to musicians and scientists for experimentation in the arts.

Economic opportunities
ConstellationCenter will be a resource for the business community—in particular, for corporate conferences and staff events.  Our presence will help these businesses attract clientele and employees.  In addition, ConstellationCenter reinforces the Boston area, and particularly East Cambridge, as a cultural leader and provides the artistic and cultural community with beautiful, vibrant, and functional space.  We will provide jobs and economic opportunities for this burgeoning area.  We will attract restaurants and other businesses, and in turn, help the area grow economically.

Setting a standard of a new non-profit business model
A newly conceived but extensively researched business model for ConstellationCenter offers increased financial stability for users of the Center, as well as an annual operating surplus for the Center itself.   We are breaking new ground, which could transform the economics not only of performing arts centers, but also of performing arts organizations, and by extension their mutual economy.  ConstellationCenter thus will create a “new economy for the arts,” which would also mean a “new culture of the arts” in this region.


Detail of Markgräfliches Opernhaus,
Bayreuth, Germany

Detail of chandelier at
Erlangen, Germany

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Suite 301
Cambridge, MA
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